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Regina C. Dy

The University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School, PHILIPPINES

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Dr. Rosalia T.Caballero


The University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School, PHILIPPINES


CITATION: Regina C. Dy, & Rosalia T.C (2015). A Strategic Employee Retention Model Based on Employee Perception.European Journal of Business Management, 2 (5), 25-35.



The purpose of this research was to summarize the major findings and implications of employee perception on retention factors from the results of the survey questionnaire. First it connects the importance of human resource management to business strategies. Assets, including human resources forms part of the organizations competitive advantage. Thus to keep key employees in the organization, the human resource practitioner must think of ways and means to retain them. The second part discusses the conceptual framework by identifying the relationship of employee perception to the eight factors of employee retention, the end goal of which is employee retention. It presents the eight factors, the studies made through the years and their influence to employee decision. The last part of this literature review views the three dimensions to bring strategic employee retention; employee perception, human resource practices, programs and policies, and employer branding.


Keywords: Employee Perception, Employer Branding, Employee Retention


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